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First-hand Reports

Liberty +

Great night!! Much better snow than I expected. A bit icy on the double blacks with moguls. Overall very good

1 days ago - Liberty.

Mr Ski Bum

freakin awesome day today. nice soft snow. very little ice only where beginner skiers and snowboarders scrape snow off middle of trail from the lack of turns.

2 days ago - Liberty.

Liberty +

Good conditions few bad landings in park needs attention but great day no lines n few newbs here n there got in some awsome 360s on the midway jumps!

3 days ago - Liberty.


Elk skier south your an idiot lol

4 days ago - Liberty.

Elk Skier South

Liberty, and their two counterpart mountains, are a professional operation. They are GREAT with families and kids: Easy to drop off, great ski school program, top notch staff. I always recommend people go to Liberty. And the 4 and 8 hour flex, genius!

4 days ago - Liberty.