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Liberty Resort Reviews

by: johnny alonso - 1st November 2010

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Nice Mountain Layoput, Friendly Helpful Staff
Slowest Lifts Ever, Over Crowded, Boarders Sitting In Everyon'e Way

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I have to say I really enjoyed my times spent at Liberty. If youre like me and like to spend as much time riding your flex ticket will allow, definitely go during the week or evening sessions on the weekend. I really like Liberty on a morning mid week session - the snow was always groomed and with the place being less crowded - a good time to be more aggressive on the runs. The layout of the resort rocks. they have the lessons and beginners to the left of the frontside of the mountain and snow tubing on the extended far right. The jib park is dead center of the front face. Unfortunately no pipe - but lots of rails and jumps to keep you occupied. the longest trail was a green run called dipsy doodle. all though im an intermediate snowboarder, this easy run is fun, and as mentioned the longest run at liberty. there is a stretch of flat that if you didnt generate enough speed to coast about 200 yards - youre walking until the next drop. en short - a nice cool run to warm u up for the backside of the mountain. the lifts at liberty suck suck suck. seriously suck - i can understand at the beginners side the lifts to be set at this slower speed to help newbies build skill and confidence on/off the lift. but the other lifts to the blue and black, double black runs - c'mon, speed it up a little please. especially when it gets crowded beyond the comfortable number - my girlfriend and i waited in line late afternoon on a saturday for 25 minutes just to get on the lift - now add the slow speed of the lift to get to the top of the mountain - in total almost 40 minutes of our 4 hour flex to ride one short run. not cool. there were staff members handing out 1 hour extend stickers to appease everyone - but what if someone was new and didnt know there were such stickers? or if someone had to leave at a specific time - they would feel cheated. i wish liberty would stagger how many people can buy flex passes per hour (like big bear and mt high) and speed up the grandma lifts. this would alleviate some of the congestion and cool some of the tempers of the skiers and boarders angrily waiting in line. another issue with liberty (**note: it happens at the other resorts but more so at liberty) all these snowboarders just sitting in the middle of the runs!!! why?!?!? im a boarder and i hate how these snowboarders just sit in everyone's way without a care. i board at big bear and mt high where the ratio is almost 60/40 boarders to skiers on many days and the "sitting in the way" problem is far less of an issue over there with 5x as many boarders compared to liberty. can some teach these dudes to just pull to the side or is this beyond their mental ability to think? please liberty, if these comments mean anything to you - fix this problem. the lodge is nice and toasty and always busy - a nice fire roaring in the common area where you can purchase hot drinks and food. the prices are steep - so a family trip is definitely going to add up. we suggest filling a cooler and brown bag it. we did find it difficult to find a place to sit indoors or outdoors during the high traffic times saturday afternoon. but at night the irish pub was cool (again overpriced) at least they sold alcohol so the bar area was festive and spirity. we weren't there for the nightlife but judging from what we saw - there wasn't any. again - a nice beginner mountain - but unless some of these concerns (read the other reviews - we kinda all say the same thing) aren't considered or liberty can't find ways to remedy these issues - many of us will just graduate from this resort and head to whitetail or roundtop or wisp.

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