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Firsthand Reports


What a waste of money for passes this season. Weather stunk for skiing but when it was cold enough they put limited effort into making snow. Seems like snow making was based on saving money. I wish we had options in Western PA. BK here we come for 2016/17.

215 day(s) ago - Hidden Valley Resort.


Solid boiler plate ice. Looks like they put 0 effort in trying to be open. Next year we can't even have Laurel to ski without having Nutting ruin it for us.

232 day(s) ago - Hidden Valley Resort.

Hard Packed

Pure ice!

233 day(s) ago - Hidden Valley Resort.

Variable Conditions
Trump 4 Prez

How in THE WORLD can 7 Springs have all the trails open and Hidden Valley has at least 6 down

234 day(s) ago - Hidden Valley Resort.

bombs away

A little icy but skiable. No crowd and the staff is friendly as usual.

234 day(s) ago - Hidden Valley Resort.

Machine Groomed