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Camelback Mountain Resort Resort Reviews

by: jrsalamo - 3rd January 2009

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Lines and disorganization. Did I mention lines?

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9:00am - Went on the internet and spent 15 minutes pre-registering the four people in our group. Pre-registration allows you to skip the registration line onsite 2:45pm - Walked uphill the half mile from the farthest parking lot to the main lodge. 3:00pm - (Line 1) Waited in a five minute line to buy tickets. Group lessons were sold out for the day. Asked the salesperson where we should go if we had pre-registered on the internet. She did not know. Asked her if we should wait in the line "snaking" its way into the rental building. She did not know. 3:10pm - Asked my kids to wait in the rental line while I looked for signage indicating an entrance for internet pre-registrants. Found a paper sign on a side door. 3:15pm - Entered side door and asked five of the people at the ski boot counter where internet pre-registrants were to go. None of them knew. I asked where managment might be and was directed to a closet-sized office off to the side. 3:25pm - (Line 2) After waiting for the three people in line in front of me I asked my question about where to go. The attendant said that I should have explained to the ticket counter that I was pre-registered. Then my ticket would have included my registration information, and I could go directly to boot rental. (Remember - I had done this). I asked her if I should go back to the ticket window. Instead, she directed me to "cut" in front of the onsite registration line. I refused, knowing the commotion that would cause. She explained that she could correct my situation, but that I would have to got back to the end of her line, since it would take some time to correct four tickets. 3:35 - I reached the front of Line 2 for the second time and all four tickets were corrected. 3:40 - (Line 3) - Pickup boots. No wait 3:45 - (Line 4) - Ski pickup. There are two lines, each feeding a queue. We got in the line on the right hand side. The people in that line told us we were in the snow board line and that we needed to go in the other line. There were no signs indicating this, but we could see the storage racks ahead. There were snow boards on the right and skiis on the left. 5:00 - After 1 hour and 15 minutes, we reached the counter and were fitted for skiis. As an aside, it looked like it did not make any difference which line we waited in, the right or the left. They both met at the middle of the counter area. (Again, more signage would have helped) 5:15 - It's 2.5 hours since arriving at the parking lot, and we are standing outside holding skiis. Other issues: 1. They have lockers, but we found no signs telling us how much the lockers cost. We had no change for them. The stores refused to give change because "we'll run out of change." Change machines are hard to find (Again... lack of signs) 2. I just wanted to vent to management. I was told they wear red shirts. They are "few and far between." When you do find them, they do not seem empowered. You get this feeling like the whole place is being run by the Wizard of Oz behind some mystical curtain. Overall: I must say I was proud of my fellow skiiers. It would have taken just one person to start shouting in those lines, and we could have had a riot on our hands. People remained calm. We discussed that it was better to laugh than cry. I will never go back to Camelback. One of kids working there said that it was just a busy day. I'm sorry. After 30 years in business, this place should have it figured out by now. In fact, they should have their processes down to a science. They do not.

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