Don't go near this place during holidays. Really. Trust me.

by: cleosmom - Dec 30, 2008

  • Overall Rating 1
  • Family Friendly 1
  • All Mtn. Terrain 4
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    Pros: great skiing....when you finally get it

    Cons: DISORGANIZED! Lines!

    Recommended For: Family Friendly

    Date Visited: Dec 1, 2008

Full review

Awful lines. Disorganized, crazy, never-again lines. Don't know what it's like other times, but don't come near this mountain during holiday week.
We arrived Tues, Dec 30 10:00am.
Waited a full hour in line, outside, in chaos, for tickets/rental tickets. No one had a clue what was going on. No signs. Different lines for just lift, for lift/rentals, for pre-registered, for cash, for multi-day passes, etc....but no everyone waited in wrong lines, then got mad....
Then waited fifteen minutes in line to "register" rentals. This meant having a woman type our height/weight/etc into computer. You can do this from home, on-line and skip this one line, but then...
Waited ten minutes in line for boots.
Waited twenty minutes in line for skis.
Waited ten minutes in line for helmets.
I'm not kidding--there was a separate line for each of these. I had to laugh to keep from crying.
We were SO happy to hit the had to go to the bathroom by then so they WAITED ten minutes in line to pee. Even the men's room had a line. I've never seen such a thing.
Then, waited twenty minutes in lift line.
Later, we waited twenty minutes in cafeteria line for chicken fingers with other very angry people. Could see teenagers "working" in kitchen, texting into their cell phones. After a man next to me got very angry, the woman admitted that no one had even started the chicken fingers we'd all been waiting fifteen minutes for. "Just a bunch of kids back there" she said. Uh-huh...
Did I say this place was awful during the holidays? Don't go near it.