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Blue Mountain Resort Resort Reviews

by: Ray Baucum - 30th November 2013

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Long lines,crowded and too much granular

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Blue Mountain Ski is not the highest ski area in the Poconos.I've hangglided here several times and use topographical maps to check terrain and elevation. I also ski and snowboarded here. The summit elevation above sea level is 1408' versus base elevation of 500'. Do the math 1408' minus 500' is 908' This is considering the slopes goes all the way to the lowest part of mountain which would be near the creek or highway. The highest ski area in the Poconos is Elk Mountain with a summit elevation of 2693' above sea level and a base elevation of 1693'. Do the math 2693 minus 1963'=1,000'. This not the only major difference the much higher elevation above sea level means much better ski conditions less ice and less granular. The truth of the matter is Blue Mt Ski Area is not in the snow belt where as Elk Mt is!! Blue Mt has done a great job renovating and adding new slopes.However whenever the weather goes from cold to warm and or rain and back to cold again there is a vast deterioration in the ski conditions which is very prevalent at Blue Mt due to it's low summit elevation above sea level.This situation effects all ski areas however ski areas with the higher summit elevation are less effected by this and have a much better recovery rate. Whenever you hear the Radio ads that Elk Mt is like Killington, this is true,except Killington is much higher with much longer runs and some Double Diamond slopes such as Outer Limits,Devils Fiddle and Ovation!!! These slopes should be triple diamond when compared to the Elk or Blue Mt and very dangerous if you are not an advanced skiier/snowboarded.

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