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First-hand Reports


Awesome day!! Some icy spots, Deer run and spots Stembogen. :-) had loads of fun though!

3 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.


What is it looking like for the weekend???

5 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.

Blue Knob +

sat & sun made for great skiable conditions

8 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.

6rf I 8th

Best skiing near DC for the price. Some icy patches mixed with fresh snow.

9 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.

William's iPhone

Great place for some hard charging on and off the trails. Not too icy. Some patches where they blow were bad though. Glades offered fresh snow. Yes a terrible park, but it's a skiers mtn and I'd give that up for the down to earth vibe, tobacco chewin lifties, no lift line to speak

9 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.