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Alex's phone

Pretty great conditions this weekend especially for PA. Most glades were open and overall nice snow pack. Nothing in the terrain park. Not much ice but some crust. Slow lifts but no lines overall really good.

3 hours ago - Blue Knob.

Packed powder 0"

website was update that morning, said all glades but one were open - in reality only one was open, though all looked easily skiable. They lie on their website to entice people to come - this is the third or fourth time this has happened to me and it's not a mistake - they are lying pure and simple. The conditions were not quite as good as what I was expecting but they were still very solid overall - recent heavy natural snowfall helped for sure. They blew snow all day and all night on jackrabbit for no apparent reason - coverage was good without it. Great mountain (in terms of topography and run layout), great prices, utterly incompetent and slightly dishonest management.

16 hours ago - Blue Knob.


There is nothing like Blue Knob in western PA. The snow and terrain are the best you can find in our area. Extrovert and the glade skiing are equivalent to Vermont skiing. A true skiers mountain!

21 hours ago - Blue Knob.


Awesome mountain. Great snow today.

22 hours ago - Blue Knob.


the Knop is not a dumb. maybe you don't know how to ski? is that the problem? why don't you go to over priced sevens springs. went to Canada last year and it was cheaper to ski there than in Amerika. what's wrong with that picture. so if you don't like skiing cheap go somewhere else.

3 days ago - Blue Knob.