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Blue Knob +

Final ride of season. Thank you Blue Knob for a great year, even with the crappy conditions mother nature threw at us this season. Already counting down to next season.

264 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.

Ski Bum

How are conditions?

274 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.


Somebody didn't like my post?!

275 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.


I think it's all a ploy to report snowfall each day to try to get peeps out to the slopes

278 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.

Blue Knob +

I say again. Ice. I've never seen as much solid ice on a trail as I did tonight on stembogen. Not hard pack. ICE. insane.

279 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.