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the Knop is not a dumb. maybe you don't know how to ski? is that the problem? why don't you go to over priced sevens springs. went to Canada last year and it was cheaper to ski there than in Amerika. what's wrong with that picture. so if you don't like skiing cheap go somewhere else.

3 days ago - Blue Knob.

free rider

Not a dump, just Old School charm. We really don't want yuppies like yourself hear anyway.

4 days ago - Blue Knob.


Bk is all is nice but not a resort -- a dump

4 days ago - Blue Knob.

Blue Knob +

great day! from the condo , to the staff everyone is super nice and the snow!!!! Blower pow! get here! great glades ! It is worth the drive!

5 days ago - Blue Knob.

Powder 8"
betsillr’s iPhone

East Coast powder day! No crowd. All was good except the Wifi.

5 days ago - Blue Knob.

Powder 5"