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Blue Knob +

Firm this morning, but it softened up after lunchtime. The most snow they ever had on the last day of the season. Bluebird skies with plenty of sunshine. Wish they would hold on for another weekend.

7 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.

Spring Snow

thank you to the entire blue knob staff for another great season. already counting down till next season starts.

7 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.

Blue Knob +

just got done skiing blue knob. best weather of the year. it snowed all night and almost all day. what a powder day.

9 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.


first time at the knob in five years. I forgot how much I liked the place. firm cordoroy in the morning. afternoon warmed up and ski patrol dropped the ropes on extrovert. the soft bumps were awesome! too bad rain in the forecast. I highly recommend the place to all levels of ability.

16 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.

Spring Snow 0"

still good coverage. boiler plate in the morning but awesome once it softened up. dirt and rocks coming thru in places but overall not bad.

17 day(s) ago - Blue Knob.