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3 day(s) ago - Big Boulder.

Hard Packed
Mike P.

skied yesterday with my kids for a few hours. Overall well groomed ice free conditions. No lines and plenty of new snow too. Had a great experience.

8 day(s) ago - Big Boulder.

Machine Groomed 1"

great conditions with minimal ice over on the far side!

17 day(s) ago - Big Boulder.


Real good for college students 12 dollars off. Conditions normal for any Pocono mountain but open before anyone else 3-9 weekdays is great no one there

33 day(s) ago - Big Boulder.

Big Boulder +

they blow snow non stop and have all sort of good deals and group packages. more runs opening soon and they do some of the best grooming in the area. keep checking the website at!! they are open weekdays and weekends now!

34 day(s) ago - Big Boulder.

Machine Groomed 5"