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Firsthand Reports

Timberline Lodge +

Cool first snow

26 day(s) ago - Timberline Lodge.

Timberline Lodge +

AWESOME day on Saturday. Very sunny and awesome weather. The snow in the morning was pretty good but it started to get slushy later in the day.

131 day(s) ago - Timberline Lodge.

Wet Snow
Timberline Lodge +

I've been here for three days and it's been dumping almost none stop. There was a brief break yesterday until 1PM when the snow continued and hasn't stopped since. Viability has been an issue but the conditions are amazing.

173 day(s) ago - Timberline Lodge.

Phil's Phone

Any updates on co furious right now?

254 day(s) ago - Timberline Lodge.

Kenny housman

couple inches of snow on top of groomed in morning Friday then snow picked up and the visual dropped..left at 12pm

268 day(s) ago - Timberline Lodge.