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Hannahs iphone

Someone really needs to update the snow report for Sprout Springs. Getting tons of snow this weekend. Went up last night and the area only needs a few more inches to open. Walking around there was easily three feet in most spots.

291 day(s) ago - Spout Springs.

Packed powder 15"
anonymous user

Snow was decent some heavy power under a light layer of snow rain frozen into some ice. Could have been groomed a lot better leaving a lot un groomed and bumpy where they bladed it and on small lift need snow to be pushed better to get off!

2 years ago - Spout Springs.

Wet Snow 1"
Jenna's iPhone

Went on New Year's Day and it was absolutely beautiful!

2 years ago - Spout Springs.

Machine Groomed
Spout Springs +

Fantastic day!!!

2 years ago - Spout Springs.

Packed powder 1"
Christopher's iPhone

We will be open from 9:00AM to 4:00PM seven days a week from December 26 until January 3rd. Night skiing starts January 1st and is Friday 5PM-9PM & Saturday 5PM-9PM After January 3rd, hours will be: Friday: 12noon to 9pm Night Ski: 5pm to 9pm Saturday: 9am to 9pm Night Ski: 5pm to 9pm Sunday: 9am to 4pm All Holidays: 9am to 4pm

2 years ago - Spout Springs.