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Mt. Hood Meadows Resort Reviews

by: ecimmortal - 4th May 2009

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Decent terrain, great bartender, night skii'ng
Long lines, poor service, Minimal grooming, CLOSED

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I took a bunch of peoples advice and bought my first season pass at Mt. Hood Meadows. I ignored the naysayers. Boy what a mistake. Since it was my first year living in an are with ski resorts everything was new, and novel to me with a silver lining around every cloud. Midway through the season the glaring deficiencies at Mt Hood Meadows became clear to me. This place is CROWDED. Even midweek. I had heard that they over sell their season passes. in fact the are already offering deals on passes for the 09-10 season. The lift lines are long, and there are only a few lift attendants that really care enough to keep some kind of order. I'm not huge on the park, but from what i have seen it is just layed out badly. Their "progression" park is terribly small, and is only enterable from a flat that goes into an uphill. I saw that with the entrance to the halfpipe also. I also found the grooming to be deficent. It's great to ride the pow, but when it has been frozen and tracked up there is no reason that some areas shouldn't be groomed. Meadows grooms the bare minmum. My last complaint is that they have closed a month sooner than the other resorts in the area. There is still a ton of snow on Mt. Hood. the melt from the one week of warm weather has been minimal, and it's STILL snowing. This just tells me that they have no desire to truly serve the customers that they have sold season passes to. Next year I will be taking my business to Timberline, and Skibowl. PS. Heather Canyon is steep, but it's not double black steep, and I have found the quality of the snow that gathers there not to be THAT good. Fun ever now and then, but not worth buying a pass.

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