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Mt. Hood Meadows Resort Reviews

by: anonymous_user - 5th January 2006

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Meadows is a JOKE! I have been skiing there for over 10 years and every single client and employee has a horror story about their experiences. From RUDE employees to not getting the best terrain open until afternoon, if at all, to DANGEROUS parking on the access road Meadows ranks as one of the WORST ski areas for service.Here is what happened to me and my family one saturday. My two daughters age 6 & 3 and my wife and I arrived at the bottom of the access road at 11:30 am. Now anyone who has skied at Meadows knows that parking spaces start to become available around noon as the morning crowd begins to leave. The attendant blocking the bottom of the access road tells us that the main lot is full and we will have to park down in the lower lot and take the shuttle bus up to the lodge. I ask him if I can drop my wife and kids and all their stuff up at the lodge so that they can get changed, use the bathroom etc, while I go and park. He says NO! Keep in mind I have 2 kids and all their stuff and he still says NO!!! So we went down to the lower lot, took the shuttle up and LOST ONE HOUR of ski time. The irony is that friends of ours who showed up at noon were allowed to park in the main lot and were on the slopes before us.So now comes time to get some lunch. I order the Sausage Sandwich that comes with many ingredients INCLUDING CHEESE. I get my food with NO CHEESE, so I ask where is my cheese? The kid behind the counter tells me IT DOES NOT come with cheese. I point out the menu which clearly says CHEESE INCLUDED and he replies "OH we don't usually put cheese on those". Granted we are talking a piece of cheese but the attitude of the employee was so combative that it just blew me away.Last but not least we are out skiing and it is a warm day. FYI- As a season pass holder my kids are entitled to a free seasons pass as well- my 6 year old takes off her jacket and leaves it at the bottom of the lowest lift- on her jacket is her pass. We ride up and ski over to one of the upper lifts. 10 minutes of standing in line we are at the head of the corral and the lift attendant asks for our passes. We realize my daughter has left hers so i show the attendant my pass and explain where my daughter's is. The attendant WOULLD NOT LET US ON THE LIFT. My daughter is in tears and the attendant makes us get out of the line.What kind of employee does that to a season pass holder?All in all Meadows is a TERRIBLE ski area.My next report will be about how to read their snow report- according to them slightly breezey is 32-48 mph and it snows at 34 degrees. Go figure.

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