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via Youtube — 123 day(s) ago
What a Birthday!
via Youtube — 128 day(s) ago
The Beauty of Bend Life - Part II

Displaying 5 - 6 of 116 Youtube Videos

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Mt. Bachelor +

Surprisingly great smooth carvable snow with no nasty stickiness and excellent music and beer

111 day(s) ago - Mt. Bachelor.

Spring Snow
tough ski year

Just announced May 10 closing

116 day(s) ago - Mt. Bachelor.

Flamethrower DQ

Fun day skiing up top on the summit. Went into the bowl/crater for a bit, but that was choppy corn in there. Main run down under the lift was much nicer.

117 day(s) ago - Mt. Bachelor.

Spring Snow
Mt. Bachelor +

What about this equals 24 inches? Higher up is great July skiing, but definitely not '78 inches'.

118 day(s) ago - Mt. Bachelor.

Corn Snow
anonymous user

Amazing conditions at the bachelor

119 day(s) ago - Mt. Bachelor.

Packed powder 15"