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How does the skiing here compare to Colorado

3 hours ago - Mt. Bachelor.

Mt. Bachelor +

4/24 3" new over carvable base made for surprisingly nice snow, trees were primo

4 day(s) ago - Mt. Bachelor.


lots of fresh snow but sadly it was all heavy and wet. too warn and making turns was hard. very short lines. snow got slushey in the afternoon.great service.

14 day(s) ago - Mt. Bachelor.

Packed powder 12"
Mt. Bachelor +

Classic bluebird with 6" more overnight but gotta say storm skiing yesterday was sooo much better, total zoo today, from road to lots to lifts to tracks. Still nice though!

14 day(s) ago - Mt. Bachelor.

Powder 14"
Mt. Bachelor +

8" or more of thick cushy dry powder and dumping all day, the JJs ate it up

15 day(s) ago - Mt. Bachelor.

Powder 8"