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Firsthand Reports

Mount Ashland +

Saturday was powdery in the morning but by afternoon it got all packed down. under the powder was ice. no park. all The lifts we're open but the bowl was closed. sunny in the afternoon

36 day(s) ago - Mount Ashland.

Packed powder 6"

how's the snow?

39 day(s) ago - Mount Ashland.

Mount Ashland +

11/03/2016 opening day

40 day(s) ago - Mount Ashland.

Wet Snow 0"

They opened this last Sunday

42 day(s) ago - Mount Ashland.

Powder 15"

Great day. Mix of powder and ice but barely any people. Visibility a bit hard but overall a great time!

294 day(s) ago - Mount Ashland.

Packed powder 0"