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First-hand Reports


look at the web cams and you will know the conditions.....

5 days ago - Hoodoo Ski Area.

Garretts phone

Can someone update what the conditions are like?

6 days ago - Hoodoo Ski Area.


the web cam looks proMising. I hope to be able to go when it opens in a couple of days!

11 days ago - Hoodoo Ski Area.

Austin Dickinson

when is this going to update, we are getting snow in K Falls, so I know Hoodoo should be getting snow as well

12 days ago - Hoodoo Ski Area.

anonymous user

Two lifts to the top are not running. Snowed all day. Wet and heavy until about 4, night skiing was great as it got colder and drier.

272 days ago - Hoodoo Ski Area.

Powder 5"