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Calabogie Peaks +

Lots of new snow over the past 2 days to cover the bald spots and ice. Making new tack right up to the end of the day. Probably 4-5 inches over the past 2 days.

93 day(s) ago - Calabogie Peaks.

Variable Conditions 4"
Calabogie Peaks +

Great snow this morning but now freezing drizzle and can't see with goggles on. Still really nice snow this afternoon. About 3" today and 3 yesterday!

94 day(s) ago - Calabogie Peaks.

Variable Conditions 4"
Calabogie Peaks +

Great Weather on Sunday March 6th! Every run was open! Plentiful snow great but got a little sticky as the temps rose during the day. Super crowded until about 3pm

109 day(s) ago - Calabogie Peaks.

Variable Conditions
Calabogie Peaks +

Hill was amazing this Saturday. Such an amazing hill and people. My fave thus far in the Ottawa area. ❤️

112 day(s) ago - Calabogie Peaks.

Packed powder 1"
Kevin's iPhone

Awesome day - lots of new snow - dare I say "epic" powder - and the groomers were parked! Only complaint is that a good chunk was fenced off for "race school".... Perhaps a $5 ⬇️ in price for taking up and trashing done of the best runs.... Just a thought!

130 day(s) ago - Calabogie Peaks.

Powder 14"