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Firsthand Reports

Blue Mountain +

Overcast but fast grainular with bit of fresh conditions. Worth it to come...

3 day(s) ago - Blue Mountain.

Machine Groomed

Pretty decent today. Was good in the morning with last night's fresh snow. Getting icy in places this afternoon. Much better than expected given Tuesday's rain.

12 day(s) ago - Blue Mountain.


lots of icy patches and they are blowing so its crudy. Mslm has better snow

14 day(s) ago - Blue Mountain.

Blue Mountain +

A little icy in places, no new snow. Lines a little long at times but overall not a bad day out here.

15 day(s) ago - Blue Mountain.

Machine Groomed 0"

Decent skiing, not too icy. When the snow was groomed the conditions were great. Seemed like it was mostly man made snow.

16 day(s) ago - Blue Mountain.