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posted 1 hours ago by Swizzcapz

Went feb 8th. Morning started with hardpack/crunchy conditions. Then quickly softened up. Lots of moguls were made with the softened snow. Also the snow was heavy. Spring conditions.
Wet Snow
posted 4 day(s) ago by polandadam98

Went February 3rd wasn't the best conditions but later on in the night it got much better, wait until next week it will be much colder, and the snow will be better.
posted 6 day(s) ago by Swizzcapz

Went Mon, Feb 1. The warm spell & rain ruined the base. Very heavy wet snow, lots of dirt patches, lots of water patches. Yes it's better than ice, but the weather is just no cooperating this year. Stay away from the orchards!
posted 7 day(s) ago by mitchhockey1

not bad saturday, got a bit warm past 10 am snow was getting heavy. Glades were alright once you get away from the beaten path. Couldnt imagine how bad it must have been sunday though
posted 8 day(s) ago by The Spoon

Most of the glades were open this past Thursday - not sure if the warmer weather the last few days has had any impact. Thinking of going tomorrow - how's the skiing this weekend?

Displaying 1 - 5 of 454 Firsthand Reports

1 | 2 | 3 | 4