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Snow Trails +

Thank you for opening today Snow Trails! You guys made it possible for this little dude to have his first day on the slopes. Conditions were fantastic considering it is March 11. And 50% off lift tickets and rentals too? On a Saturday??? With no lift lines? And bright sunshine? Snow Trails rocks!!!

220 day(s) ago - Snow Trails.


Open one more weekend! New snow last night. Cold temps, and sun this weekends forecast. Sweet!

221 day(s) ago - Snow Trails.

Packed powder 1"

Man made blizzard at Snow Trails! That's where I am skiing this weekend! Whoohoo! Check out their webcams!

228 day(s) ago - Snow Trails.

Packed powder 2"
Snow Trails +

conditions were very good this morning, especially given that it's all man-made snow.

254 day(s) ago - Snow Trails.

Victoria's iPhone

Beautiful conditions on Monday. Hopefully rain on Tuesday won't ruin it all!

286 day(s) ago - Snow Trails.