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Snow Trails Resort Reviews

by: CTT - 23rd December 2008

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nice parking, good location, friendly workers, lifts running 95% time
season pass overpriced for people who don't rent, icy sometimes

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Snow trails is a great way to escape and have some fun. I recommend anyone who wants to have fun only bad part is it costs a lot especially for college students like me. There is a great amount of parking so you don’t have to worry about a hit and run happening easily. The lodge is very nice, the restrooms are clean, most the staff is friendly some lift operators aren't the nicest but if I had to stand outside in the cold handing chairs all day I wouldn’t be the most pleasant person in the world either. The management follows the weather pretty well and sends out teams to start the snow blowers most the time when the weather permits but not always. The lifts are up and running 95% of the time. The ski patrol has been out practicing drills more than half the times I have visited which makes me feel a little safer. There are also boarders on the ski patrol, which is nice to see that the lodge isn’t prejudice against boarders like me. From my talk with the patrol officers they are just like anyone else, polite and willing to help those in need. Have not tried the food nor do I want to for the price ide rather wait and go elsewhere since I’m a poor college student. I would recommend all skill levels here, sobie is good for the pros and high intermediate people. The beginner hill is good for anyone starting out or people working on landing new tricks. The rest of the hills are fair game for anyone at any skill level wanting to have fun. I know there is a lot of talk about rude skiers and snow boarders but there really aren’t that many. Sure, stuff happens but from what I’ve seen its equal from both sides and generally no one is really bothered greatly by this. I try to be polite and help out when i can but everyone has a bad day once in a while. Most the rude people are the ones that are still starting out falling over every 2 seconds, they will learn when the hill beats the crap out of them a few times… Karma hahaha. I’ve seen it all, anyway give it a try you will love it. See ya there!

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