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Mad River Mountain Resort Reviews

by: camerongordon - 11th March 2010

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I've been an avid anytime season member at Mad River Mountain Resort for over 5 years in a row and it only gets better and better. This season the head, and creator, of Capital Park is extremely knowledgeable and seems to be very creative. EVERY WEEKEND it seems the park has changed, new features added or old ones simply rethought and BAM! Progression and creativity reign abundant. The park crew, who I thank every chance I get, are always out shaping, sculpting, watching and just upping the stoke soooo much. Without this essential crew of diggers and creative thinkers and riders, capital park would be just another rinky dink setup (reference Perfect North in Indiana). Not to knock Perfect but it is BLATANTLY EVIDENT which resort cares more about the fun level of their riders and customers. No longer is there a "No inverts" sign at MRM and why is that? BECAUSE INVERTS ARE FUN! and because the new jump line actually permits riders to learn faster, while being safer and still pushing those envelopes like nobody's business. In one season alone I have seen an uncanny transformation of not only Capital Park's landscape but also the sea of weekend warrior faces that are consistently there. Riders are coming from all over to session these new jumps simply because they are THAT GOOD. To quote a local ripper, Dallas once said "Welcome to Mad River. Where every day is a gapper day". We laughed at its authenticity because it is very very true, yet somehow I think I like that about Mad River. It's not trying to be something it's not. It's no mountain, there aren't cliffs and shoots, epic powder glades or fancy resort restaurants. Instead its about the fun, the experience, the riding, the progression, the creativity and the smiles. So what if the average Mid-West Shred wants to rock carharts and an old school raiders jacket or jersey?! At least they are riding for themselves, for the fun of it. I personally have told every person who has ever mentioned skiing or snowboarding throughout this season to head to Mad River because I believe in Mad River. Louie Vitto does too and 5th out of a World of pipe riders has to say something about what this "mountain" can produce-- without ever having a real halfpipe! Don't take my word for it though because you won't understand it until you're here hearing the squeaky lifts, seeing the gapper galore prominade down the face like out of control banshees (lol), or almost wrecking your car driving in just so you can look up and see what's new and different in this ever changing landscape of Capital Park. I ride here at least 3 times a week and drive all the way up from the University of Cincinnati (over 2hrs) when I could go to Perfect (45mins) because it is that much better than any place in the Mid-West. With lower prices in lift and rentals it just boggles my mind why anyone would go anywhere else (an ANYTIME SEASON PASS was only $250!!!!!!) So if you're not looking for fun, or saving some money and you're more about being seen in that scene then slide sideways somewhere else because here in Capital Park at Mad River Mountain Resort, we are all about the smiles. Check it If you want to see some footy of my crew riding MRM and Capital Park =)

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