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Brandywine Resort Reviews

by: Calvin - 13th March 2011

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Good vibes, Multiple runs
Overpriced, Laziness

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Okay, so I have been riding my snowboard at Boston Mills and Brandywine for quite some time now and I really cannot stand this place half the time. I'll start at the Pros. Pros: Good vibes: I have ridden these hills thousands of times probably and I have met some amazing people! Every time I go up I see the same people and its really fun. Not one day has passed where there hasn't been good vibes on the hill! Multiple runs: I love how you can go to BMBW and ride the same thing over and over again, preferably the terrain park. I learn new tricks every day I ride because everything is so repetitive. Cons: Okay this is honestly going to be very harsh but in my opinion, it has to be done. Overpriced: Lift tickets for BMBW are ridiculously overpriced, you can drive an hour or two away and find resorts that are like mountains compared to this place. They increase lift ticket prices so OF COURSE food prices go up every season, I can compare their food prices to gas prices... it is ridiculous. so foodwise you are better off driving to wendys or to macedonia where they have multiple food places. Laziness: Alright now this is what really gets me going, when you are going to brandywine, you are most likely going to ride/ski THE PARKS. Well the progression of the sport is unbelievable and brandywine is not keeping up. It takes them til January or February to have a FULL PARK SET UP. When with snowmakers and all of the snow we get in ohio it takes them a month and a half to build a park that will please the people, and sadly they keep the same setup up for the rest of the year where MAD RIVER MOUNTAIN has an AMAZING park that they switch up once a month, and in fact, they OPENED with a TOP TO BOTTOM PARK!!! Not saying that they have a bad terrain park, but they need to meet with peoples demands because no one wants to wait around for a park to be setup. When it finally does get put up, it is a great park but all i want is for them to speed up their building process of THE PARKS. and now I have to finish with the snow tubing... Snow tubing at Polar Blast snow tubing which is located on the backside of brandywine, is the biggest waste of money ever. You pay to make it half way down the run, then walk 1000 feet to the lift, and then do it all over again every time. I would recommend you go to tubing later in the night when it ices over so you dont have to do as much walking. And it seems like the workers there just hate their job all the time... just not a pleasant experience.

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