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Boston Mills Resort Reviews

by: MGL SKI - 14th January 2009

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It's skiing in Ohio, Great ability to make snow, Generally small crowds
Poorly run, close tiger for lessons, Last to change with the industry

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Let’s start by stating that I’ve been skiing for 22-years and have skied BMBW since the beginning. I’ve also competed in freestyle skiing primarily on the east coast so I’ve been exposed to many resorts. BMBW management just doesn’t get it. Yes they have incredible snow making abilities, only they don’t use the resources properly. In 2008/2009 the weather was very cold early on. Since before Thanksgiving even. BMBW decided to slowly open the entire resort by blowing on every single hill. This is a change from the good old days when they would get three good hills open for people to use with a good base. The problem is that they could not stay open and had weak coverage when they were open. Meanwhile other resorts such as Snow Trails, located farther south, had incredible snow coverage and a full terrain park open. Mills was lucky to be open. I've skied Killington, VT over Thanksgiving weekend. They had the most coverage I’ve seen in years due to the prolonged cold. BMBW doesn’t get it. No moguls on Tiger. Tiger is the only hill BM offers with any type of decent pitch that makes skiing moguls fun and somewhat challenging. Problem, they groom the hill flat as a pancake for the senior citizens that ski in the morning for two hours, get discounted seasons passes and pack their lunches. Meanwhile the hill goes unused for its best use. Another problem is that the resort closes the hill off to teach beginners lessons at the bottom. This is the worst. If you are lucky enough to be at the resort and tiger has an excellent surface you won’t be able to use it. They would rather tie up the only decent hill there with lessons for beginners. This is such BS. Another misuse of resources. BMBW doesn’t get it. Another gripe is management’s slowness to respond to industry changes. Back when terrain parks were becoming the new industry standard, management was spending all their time policing customers from making jumps or features. Meanwhile nearly every resort in the US was putting up parks with cool features for the customers. BMBW doesn’t get it. Let’s talk about safety. For many years, due to the Mills not getting it, customers have built a jump that goes from North Bowl to Peters Pride. When you launch the jump you end up blindly landing on little kids who are stupid and ski up on the landing. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Solution; build a park jump on North Bowl or better yet move the jump to Tiger where the pitch of the hill is safe for landing. In case management is reading this try to understand too that North Bowl is too flat for jumping without a man made landing ramp. The hill is shallow and therefore will cause people to blow knees. Another reason why Tiger is the choice for moguls and jumping. Also keep in mind not everyone likes to ski at BW. BW hills are a joke for advance skiers and when the temperatures drop the place is frigid. Joe Riders. This is the bar on the upper level of the resort above the food court. Joe Riders can be a lot of fun at times, however show up on a weekend and you can’t find a seat. Why you may ask? Because it turns into a day care center for parents. The parents too are an issue. They will squat all day having one beer and maybe eventually buy little Jonny some nachos and a hot chocolate when he and his four friends come in and take up valuable seating. This makes it so those adults wanting to have and adult beverage grab some adult food and warm up cannot find a place to sit. Very annoying and they don’t allow drinking outside the bar area. Management should realize it’s a bar not a day care center. BMBW just doesn’t get it. Of note is that the food at the resort is good and the service is generally pretty good. I’d say if you are considering spending your hard earned money take it somewhere else close by. Other resorts understand their customers better and provide an overall better experience. This is true because most other resorts don’t have to rely on the local school clubs to make or break the year. BMBW doesn’t realize that it’s the general public that comes and spends huge amounts of money on food and booz that are much higher margin contributors. Instead they cater to the senior citizens and students who both get big discounts to ski at the resort. No crowds on the weekdays, take the hint, ski somewhere else and know you did the right thing. BMBW could be fun but so long as management stays detached from its customers it will continue to suck.

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