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Alpine Valley Resort Reviews

by: Eis_geist - 24th April 2013

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Atleast there is natural snow

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This place was and is a current nightmare. Old management was bad. New management had sunk this place into a new low. My kids went to use the tow rope before it was replaced in mid January. It was severed in multiple sections, after I voiced my concerns to the AM I was told. They get worn, thats normal. Can't tell me that a rope that's supposed to be an inch thick that was worn down after a derailment down to 1/4 an inch is safe. This was replaced only after they were cited by the Dept. of Commerce and the local news media. Yes this place DOES have public safety citations. That should tell you right there to run away from this place. Anywho The J's are in horrible disrepair. The double breaks down atleast once a week. Leaving skiiers stranded. The Quad takes 10-12 minutes to get from the top to the bottom. The lifties were rude, listless and angry. You can tell they are not happy with the new management. Back in the 70's, 80's and hell even early 90's this place used to be in its hey-day. Now this place is horrible. Hopefully the state will tear this down and make room for new housing. Over, over, over priced. When I started skiing here it was $15. Now its $35. I'm still paying for a 200ft hill that you stop at half way down. and a little bump. Kinda like an ass pimple that's a "black" Who are these guys kidding. If your in NE Ohio and want a real experience go East, Go far far away from here. If you value safety stay the heck away from this corporation.

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