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wesley's iPhone

Wow. Sugar mountain went from a 65 inch base to closed in less than a week. Very suspicious.

62 day(s) ago - Sugar Mountain Resort.


65 inch base.... 2 lifts and 4 runs open... Makes sense

69 day(s) ago - Sugar Mountain Resort.


65 inch base.........................

72 day(s) ago - Sugar Mountain Resort.

Sugar Mountain Resort +

Boarded friday night. extremely slushy. Omas is a disaster, barely passable through a 6ft thin patch. Prob our last run for the season. It was nice to not have to bulk up for super cold weather though. And zero lines was nice as well.

75 day(s) ago - Sugar Mountain Resort.

Wet Snow
Sugar Mountain Resort +

Classic spring skiing.

76 day(s) ago - Sugar Mountain Resort.

Spring Snow