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Sugar Mountain Resort Resort Reviews

by: stevenstclair - 30th November 2006

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Ive been to Sugar Mountain 3 times. In Dec 1997, Jan 1999, and Dec 2005. My first two trips were pleasant, and being that I live in Nashville, TN, Sugar Mountain is a decent place to go and its only 6 hours away. But my last trip in Dec of 2005 makes me think otherwise about ever going back. It all started when my friend and I arrived at the resort. At the time, he and I were both in the military, and we called 2 or 3 days before arriving to make sure that we can use our military discount, which was about 25 or 30 dollars off of each lift ticket. We talked to a lady on the phone, lets just call her "Jane Doe", and she said that it would be perfectly fine to use our military discount for the two days we were there. Sometimes they have blackout days when you cant use your discounts. Anyhow we took her name incase we needed to talk to her and got off the phone. So we arrived at the resort and since we have our own gear, all we needed to do was get a lift ticket for the each of us. We were told on the phone to go upstairs to their office to get the military discount. Well when we got up there, the lady working there said "No you cannot use your military discount today or tommorrow." We were baffled, we asked her name and she was not the Jane Doe we talked to earlyer. So we asked to speak to jane Doe. She was working that day which made us happy to think that she would clear up this mess. Anyhow when we talked to her, she pretended that we never even spoke to her!! And trust me, she has a very unique name, so we didnt have the wrong girl. We even explained "How would we know that someone with the name Jane Doe works here?" I guess they thought we just made up the name, and got lucky, yea right. Anyhow after much argument, they DID NOT give us the discount they promised us over the phone. So that pretty much screwed up our budgets completely, and you dont make much money in the military. So we paid the full price for a two day lift ticket and tried to forget about what happened. Well that would be nice if that was the only problem. Well it wasnt, the other major problem that was really irritating, was the fact that the snow blowers were on ALL THE TIME. You were constantly getting nailed in the face with wet cold ice. I understand they need to keep the machines on, but they would never turn them off, and it wasnt hot outside, the snow wasnt going to melt off fast. Now to the snow, the snow was ok, a mixture of powder and ice, and some places, especially up top, was just straight up ice, and falling on it would be like falling on concrete. Also the place wasnt super crowded, but crowded enough that the lines were long getting on the lifts. Anyhow, those reasons might sound dumb, but they were key factors considering for just a little more money we can fly to a real mountain and snowboard. But if you only live a few hours from sugar mountain, and there are no airports near by, then Sugar Mountain is not a bad place to go. Myself and my large group of friends that go boarding wont be going back to sugar mountain anytime soon though.

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