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Firsthand Reports

Kevin Maldonado’s iPhone

Good recovery on the mountain. Snowmaking pumping and mountain is on verge of opening more terrain. Three main runs with variable conditions open today.

2 hours ago - Windham Mountain.

Variable Conditions 0"

34"? Skeptics unite

4 hours ago - Windham Mountain.

Windham Mountain +

Very empty today. The weather was warm and snow was soft on the main trail under the lift. However, there are tons of thin spots with dirt sticking up all over (top, middle, and bottom of the mountain). The newly opened double black run (don't know the name) was pretty icy, but the main trail was lots of fun despite the thin coverage. All that said, I was at Hunter 3 days ago, and they have much better coverage by far. If you don't have rock skis, you may want to skip this place until they can make more snow.

4 day(s) ago - Windham Mountain.

Kevin Maldonado’s iPhone

Awesome recovery from Friday. Blowing new snow on some blacks, should be a different mountain next weekend.

6 day(s) ago - Windham Mountain.

Corn Snow 0"
Kevin Maldonado’s iPhone

Yikes. Rain has killed good start. Absent cold temps, and more snowmaking, tomorrow will be rough.

8 day(s) ago - Windham Mountain.

Variable Conditions 0"