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Pretty dissapointed. Perfect conditions for boarding today so I Got here at 430 and apparently they closed at 4 without any signs up despite the fact that the wind chill warning doesn't begin until 7... I walked up the mountain anyway and did a run through the terrain park and the woods but needless to say I did not walk up again. Pretty tiring

158 day(s) ago - Toggenburg Mountain.

Powder 2"

Been there every day since Tuesday (2/10) and gotta say the conditions are the best they've been all year. Nice powder surface with solid trails for carving and the terrain parks are both very smooth. Back to back double rails into a medium size table on the upper park and two 30/45s on the lower park make a great session

161 day(s) ago - Toggenburg Mountain.

Powder 2"

February 10th was definitely not the last time they got snow. Conditions are epic. go now

162 day(s) ago - Toggenburg Mountain.


Freshies until noon on Monday. Trees were fresh all day.

167 day(s) ago - Toggenburg Mountain.


Butter! by far the best conditions we've had all season!! From far past terrain to the nubian glades it was like floating on pillows! can't wait to get back out there!!

172 day(s) ago - Toggenburg Mountain.