Firsthand, user-generated ski reports from Toggenburg Mountain.

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Machine Groomed
posted 5 day(s) ago by AG

Trails holding up well considering the weather. Surfaces softened up nicely with the sun on Sunday. There won't be any glades this year without a significant contribution from Mother Nature. The recreational race course on Doc's Run makes it worth spending more than a couple hours on the slopes.
Toggenburg Mountain +
Machine Made
posted 13 day(s) ago by vate69

Warm day above freezing. Snow was a bit wet but very nice to ski. Overall a very pleasant day.
Variable Conditions
posted 21 day(s) ago by toph

Overall bad, a little icy in parts
Variable Conditions
posted 30 day(s) ago by Will

Conditions were icy Monday, went by today and is looking a little more like a smooth ride by the hour
posted 359 day(s) ago by iPhone

Pretty dissapointed. Perfect conditions for boarding today so I Got here at 430 and apparently they closed at 4 without any signs up despite the fact that the wind chill warning doesn't begin until 7... I walked up the mountain anyway and did a run through the terrain park and the woods but needless to say I did not walk up again. Pretty tiring

Displaying 1 - 5 of 68 Firsthand Reports

1 | 2 | 3 | 4