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mark’s iPhone (2)

My son to the half day camp and had a great time. It's seems like a good place for beginners.

3 days ago - Thunder Ridge.

Machine Made 0"
anonymous user

Watch out for the ski school at this place. The snowboard school is just a bunch of pot head teenagers that don't know the difference from there left and right. My son had a horrible time thanks to them.

3 days ago - Thunder Ridge.


My favorite part of thunder bump is when the chairlift workers yell at you to put the bar down literally 0.0000001 seconds after you get on the chairlift.

9 days ago - Thunder Ridge.

Corn Snow 0"
Mark G

Thank you thunder ridge for blowing snow in 10 degree weather all day so my 5yr old son could have an even more miserable day today. I hear that they are going to be blowing snow all day tomorrow to so if you've got kids I'd suggest going somewhere else.

16 days ago - Thunder Ridge.

Hard Packed

New snow on the mountain but conditions seemed even worse than yesterday. Not even sure they groomed the face.

20 days ago - Thunder Ridge.

Corn Snow 2"