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Firsthand Reports

Andrews Iphone

Very thin cover. Not bad for November and no snowmaking but not worth buying a lift ticket

7 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.

Wet Snow
bill peterson’s iPhone

DELICIOUS today!!! By far better than any day last year in the glades

10 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.

Powder 15"

How are conditions compared to Labrador??

270 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.

Mary Jo's iPad

Anyone have an idea of what the skiing is like?

274 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.

Song Mountain +

-2 degrees, wind blowing 30 plus knots sideways across the hill, and the snow makers(in their infinite wisdom) are making snow at the TOP. It's a man made white out coming off the lift. Most blowing into woods. I did 3 runs and called it a day.

294 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.