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Firsthand Reports

Song Mountain +

Nice morning at Song. Trails are groomed but there isn't much. Stormy, Chopsticks, Bali, Sentimental, and Ottos are open. I really wish they would work on flattening the runs out in the summer with a Dozer; there is wayyyyy too much ridging on what should be smooth groomers.

13 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.

Song Mountain +

Beautiful day at Song! Not all 14 trails open as advertised, but close! They are grooming out the fresh made snow on Chopsticks so that should be open soon and looks like plans for Ottos!

20 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.

Jeremy Y

Nothing on the radar but it is snowing pretty good here right now! From my window, Song has been making snow for 3 days straight as well. Looks like they are focused on Chopsticks and Dipsy next. It's a bit nippy but the snow is finally covering up the icy spots!

25 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.

Powder 6"
Song Mountain +

They are making a lot of snow!!

38 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.

bill peterson’s iPhone

Making snow today!!!! I'm ready

55 day(s) ago - Song Mountain.