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Plattekill Mountain +

good spring skiing in January, good coverage on all main trails down (except for freefall and overlook) they have a lot of base left, could do this weather for atlease 2 weeks, although a cool down and snowmaking is on deck next weekend... photo is of blockbuster

2 day(s) ago - Plattekill Mountain.

Spring Snow
Plattekill Mountain +

Icy conditions, but a few inches of snow last night made it decent. Great atmosphere... a true ski area with great views of the Catskills

18 day(s) ago - Plattekill Mountain.

Hard Packed 2"
Jim and Sara’s iPhone

Great conditions today. No lines, courteous skiers/riders, blue skies.

23 day(s) ago - Plattekill Mountain.


opening day 12/17 awesome! !!! fresh tracks every run. .. no photos. .too busy skiing

34 day(s) ago - Plattekill Mountain.

Powder 8"
Plattekill Mountain +

Skied Saturday. Great spring conditions. 6 ways down from top. Great day on deck also. Still some whales to play on.

317 day(s) ago - Plattekill Mountain.