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posted 2 day(s) ago by kenneywallace1

bad, groomed ice with ice under more ice, turned the snow guns on though, not giving up on the season, should get better
Variable Conditions
posted 8 day(s) ago by kenneywallace1

powder on ice, was a variable day, kept snowing all day, some trails scratched off quick, some stayed good, keep your edges sharp ethier way
Hard Packed
posted 14 day(s) ago by kenneywallace1

great morning on the tripple, afternoon it got all scratched off and icy
Plattekill Mountain +
Packed powder
posted 20 day(s) ago by Zev's iPhone

Fun but repetitive. Only so much you can do on 8 runs. And one of those a easy black.
posted 22 day(s) ago by PA Clayton Bridges

Not bad considering Mother Nature is not helping. Only one lift and right side is open. No corduroy

Displaying 1 - 5 of 212 Firsthand Reports

1 | 2 | 3 | 4