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First-hand Reports


for any Canadians traveling over the border to go to KB get your lift tickets at Canadian duty free me and my buddy only paid 22 bucks when went on thursday

23 hours ago - Kissing Bridge.

Jeffrey S. Domster

Skied today and was very disappointed in the conditions. The only way to get people to come and be exited is good conditions. Every resort is having a lack of snow, but with snow making and good grooming that is possible. You want crowds, get them exited about conditions.

2 days ago - Kissing Bridge.

Variable Conditions

North was good. Icy sections but can't control the weather. Central was busy. South was open and in good condition as well.

2 days ago - Kissing Bridge.

Ian's Iphone

Good conditions on 1/19. Few low covered areas. This place is ready for a reinvestment, lifts are extremely slow and outdated.

6 days ago - Kissing Bridge.

Kissing Bridge +

Great conditions today!

9 days ago - Kissing Bridge.

Machine Groomed 4"