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Firsthand Reports

Phil Gates' iPhone

Everybody should be riding today!

1 hours ago - Hunter Mountain.

Hard Packed 1"

have about 3 ways from the top. was grate yesterday AM (12-7) then around 12 went to mush. but can't complain too much. after all I was shredding and not workin!!

2 day(s) ago - Hunter Mountain.


Early morning was epic, got pushed up and sloppy as the afternoon progressed. heart of the Mountain Stage pretty good all day but where the all the three Trails combined was very sloppy

3 day(s) ago - Hunter Mountain.

Variable Conditions 1"

Hunter is doing what they can with the temps still being high for snow making. Started off with cold hard machine groomed. Got chopped up by 11-12, then 50% soft and mushy spring-like snow. Had fun, but what is up with the $55 tickets for barely anything open?

3 day(s) ago - Hunter Mountain.

Machine Made 0"
Hunter Mountain +

the learning center

4 day(s) ago - Hunter Mountain.

Machine Groomed 0"