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There is no way they have a 46" base. 6-7" tops. They've never had a 46" base in their history.

19 hours ago - Holiday Valley.

Holiday Valley +

great day skiing, glad to leave at 3.

20 hours ago - Holiday Valley.

Eriks iPhone

Looking to make a trip out tomorrow, pending icy conditions. Anyone on the ground for a report?

21 hours ago - Holiday Valley.

Tyler’s iPhone 5s

The slopes were not as icy today because of the fresh snow! Today was way better than yesterday! Get out here!

3 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.

Powder 4"
Tyler’s iPhone 5s

Weather is pretty good! Intermediate hills are great and the black hills are a little icy. Worth the drive! 4-8" is supposed to come tomorrow so I'm ready for it!

4 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.