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Firsthand Reports

Ohio Guy

Sloppy. Snow melting fast and water pouring off the mountain. Big snow mounds disappeared overnight to patch holes. Need a deep freeze and quick

16 hours ago - Holiday Valley.

Spring Snow 0"
Greg's iPhone

Spring like conditions but it was better then expect with the warm wet weather.

19 hours ago - Holiday Valley.

Spring Snow
Gary's iPhone 6S

Worth while venturing from Toronto or not? Warm weather taking a toll. Any feedback on Sunday conditions?

1 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.

ohio visitor

Warm weather is taking its toll. Pretty chunky thick, wet, granular. Thin and slushy in spots.

1 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.

Ohio visitor

Any word on conditions today? Hoping to get out Saturday and it looks like spring conditions. I'll take that over ice!

4 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.