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Firsthand Reports

Ohio visitor

Any word on conditions today? Hoping to get out Saturday and it looks like spring conditions. I'll take that over ice!

2 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.


very icy, very little snow on most of not all runs today, Sunday 1 15. the warm weather and rain hurt this week.

6 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.

Machine Made 0"

colder temps last night made today better but still icy patches around, top layer is all fake snow. 6/10 not too bad but could use some much needed powder

7 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.

Machine Made 0"

The weather definitely took a toll, leaving several icy spots. Main trails are fine but the less trafficked trails are icy. Should be better tomorrow though with snowmaking

7 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.

Variable Conditions
James dahlke

there is a lot of snow there, yes the weather has been bad, but there are still no bare spots on any trails

8 day(s) ago - Holiday Valley.

Wet Snow 0"