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how is it today ?

11 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.


A dusting of natural snow and lots of machine made was just the ticket for a great ski day. Bristol knows how to manage their mountain. Lift folks are friendly, grooming is exceptional, ski shop well stocked...can't ask for more.

17 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Dan’s iPhone

Mon 2/2/17 conditions were good. Groomed hard packed some Icey spots. Mt closes at 9pm on weekdays FYI not 10.

17 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Packed powder
Bristol Mountain +


19 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Machine Groomed 2"

Skied Thursday evening. Crowds were light considering the holiday week. Conditions were good with only a little ice. E

24 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.