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Bristol Mountain Firsthand Reports

Skier Comments & Photos from the Slopes of Bristol Mountain

What are the ski conditions like right now at Bristol Mountain? Read commentaries and see photos from fellow skiers and riders sharing their on-mountain experiences. Check back daily for new user-generated firsthand reports from Bristol Mountain to see ski conditions, new snow and general stoke from the slopes along with images. Firsthand reports are submitted via the OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report App. Download the free app to be part of the conversation.

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Conditions status please..

4 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.


Getting icy. They are losing trails fast, so don't wait

11 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Hard Packed
Bristol Mountain +

Yesterday conditions were amazing. Fresh powder all over some ice patches where the snow was scraped off from traffic. Moguls all over the mountain because why ruin what nature is blessing you with by grooming and packing it down.

14 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

ski bumb

worst skiing i have ever had in my life. avoid untill they make snow or get natural. just ice everywhere on top of fake snow mixed with ice balls

20 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Variable Conditions

Nothing is groomed but it is what it is considering the season. They need to clean the runs, it's all moguls. Please groom Bristol please.

23 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Packed powder

Any snow they made was in huge piles, not groomed onto the trail. Trails were 90% ice and had very little snow over it. Not good.

24 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.


bring the ice skates. thank god they got a dusting of fresh snow today. very few trail open with 2 lifts

27 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Variable Conditions
getting bad

Getting thin in some spots and where there is snow it is very soft. Only hope is for some natural snow to cover this future ice pack if it gets cold.

34 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Spring Snow
Jeffrey's iPhone

Skied all day Saturday. It was a blue bird day. Snow got heavy after lunch but got better in the evening. Bristol does an amazing job. First time there and coming back for sure.

39 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Spring Snow

Friday night the conditions were pretty good considering what Mother Nature has thrown at us lately. A lot of the blacks actually had good snow and small bumps. Some of the blues were icy and the greens were fine as usual. Great job Bristol dealing with crazy weather! They have been making snow at every opportunity and grooming well to keep the skiing good.

47 day(s) ago - Bristol Mountain.

Variable Conditions 2"

Displaying 1 - 10 of 436 Firsthand Reports

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