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Belleayre Resort Reviews

by: AC - 18th January 2012

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Usually many awesome fun trails
Only two trails open on the lower half

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I've skied Belleayre over the past 3 years and loved it! It's usually the best family friendly place with the longest green trails around and there are so many of them at various levels of Green level... but NOT THIS YEAR! This year, they are lying about everything. Firstly, only two trails, not 5 are open on the lower half of the mountain. Of those, one of them is closed half way with a thin rope and three small orange warning circles, which you cannot see because they blend into the trees and leaves. It's closed just as it goes from 10 to 15 degrees to to 30 degrees. Yes, they closed it in the middle of a straight away, which you pick up massive speed on, just as it gets steep. Kids were constantly missing this "L" turn right, then the "easy on trail" (which is not really a trail but a small path connecting two trails) it has two steep 30 degree drops this year, then you need to make a hard "L" turn left, which again kids were missing, crashing, and bailing out on. I could not make this second turn, I was literately perpendicular to the hill, sliding down 10 feet, then across the 20 feet where I needed to make the turn, then I continued to slide sideways half way down to the second lift. The snow is like a sheet of ice, no powder. So many parents were stopping to warn their kids to turn so they wouldn't hit the trees at these "L" turns. Which of course makes it even more dangerous because large guys like me need to go around them. The lack of snow is another thing they are lying about. Their site lies telling you "30 inches to date"... yeah right! From when? LAST winter? There is so little snow that I could not stick my ski poles in the ground, they go into the inch of snow then hit solid dirt and fall over. The snow is extremely densely packed, as if a steam roller hand flattened it, there is no powder what-so-ever, not groomed, and trails are radically fast. This might sound like fun for an advanced skier but not for a family, beginning skiers or intermediate. I was picking up so much speed that even going down the hills pigeon toed (pizza) and using the entire hill, I was flying! It really sucked this year and it is RADICALLY DANGEROUS for beginners or intermediates to ski there. Those "L" turns are going to kill someone this year if they don't open the full trail up. Bottom line.... DO NOT GO this year unless it actually snows and the full trails are opened up. DO NOT go by their site, call them and ask, are the entire trails opened?, check for actual snow fall, it has not snowed 30 inches up there, there's about an inch or two of snow on the mountain... that's it!

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