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Ski Santa Fe Resort Reviews

by: venusian - 15th March 2007

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We had an unfortunate experience happen to us the very last day and last hour of our trip to Ski Santa Fe. Unfortunate, because we truly had a great time skiing and our children had a blast at the ski school with two really good instructors. However, the last hour, we were going to one last ski lift with our 9 and 7 year old sons who had been skiing all day and getting on and off the lifts without a problem. When we arrived at the lift, the lift attendant, for reasons unknown to us, proceded to push my 9 year old son onto the chair lift causing him to fall and in turn causing me to fall with him. We became entangled and had fallen flat on our faces, as I tried to get up, I saw another chair coming my way. With no time to duck far enough, the metal chair hit the back of my head at full speed causing a mild concussion to my head. My son became quite upset as his arm had been twisted in the process. When this happened, the lift attendant told us that we weren't allowed to ride the lift because of my 9 year old's actions! No apology for what the attendant had done was given and when we talked to the customer service center, the person at the desk didn't want to discuss it with us because we were "too irrate." Huh? Wouldn't any normal person who has just been hit over the head with a metal chair coming at full speed at him be irrate?! To top it off, when we went to pick up our 4 year old daughter from the school, the instructor said she had already been picked up. After frantically looking all over for her and going back to the instructor to ask him to help me look for her, he smirked and said he had no idea where she was! I finally found her outside with another instructor, but it was the hell that I went through just to find her that made me in such distress. The school didn't apologize for the oversight and no one acted like they cared why I would be upset at not finding my daughter. If you don't have to deal with people like this, I say come to Ski Santa Fe, otherwise, it is the bad attitude that will cause me not to come back.

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