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Firsthand Reports


Did someone order some slush with a bit of ice. great spring ski, weather is warm, crowds are small. friendly staff.

156 day(s) ago - Sipapu Ski Resort.


We were there for 3 nights and 2 days on the hill. Amazing care for details. Great spring grooming, fast snow in the morning , soft over firm bumps from mid morning through early afternoon.

159 day(s) ago - Sipapu Ski Resort.

Spring Snow
Sipapu Ski Resort +

Dawn's early light. Yesturday was great spring skiing. Today looks the same.

161 day(s) ago - Sipapu Ski Resort.

Spring Snow
anonymous user

Possibly going sat. Anyone have an update on conditions?

166 day(s) ago - Sipapu Ski Resort.

Zachary's iPhone

Good day today lots of powder not all groomed but lots of fun. Tired from leaning back so much!

183 day(s) ago - Sipapu Ski Resort.