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Firsthand Reports

Pierre's iPhone 6s

Just got here! Expecting snow for the next 4 days. I hope so because it looks like it needs it.

3 day(s) ago - Red River.

Red River +

Even with the powder Friday, it's still icy and/or not enough powder where it's groomed. The main runs are good

7 day(s) ago - Red River.

Machine Groomed
Charles's iPhone

18 inches overnight... sunny now. Incredible powder!!!

10 day(s) ago - Red River.

Powder 15"

boarded new years eve weekend, really suprised at how good the conditions were, no crusty powder, there were a few icy places eary in the morning, but ifound sweet powder on every run i went on!

12 day(s) ago - Red River.


Really good conditions considering the scant snow in the last week. I was here last Monday after 10" of snow. Conditions were great then, and I was surprised how well some of the powder has held up. There are still places to make fresh tracks and the moguls are still powdery, not crusty! Some of the blacks are getting bare in some places so be careful.

14 day(s) ago - Red River.

Machine Groomed 1"