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Firsthand Reports

Dereks phone

Snowboarded 3/14-3/16. Icy and in the morning, slushy in the afternoon. Best mix of the two happening around 10-12. Had a really great time!

69 day(s) ago - Red River.


any new info on the conditions right now? good enough snow cover for one last whoo rah?

70 day(s) ago - Red River.

Michael's iPhone

I call BS on the snow report. 2 inches the past 2 nights? I've been here since Sunday afternoon and there has been no snow.

71 day(s) ago - Red River.

Janice's iPad

Me and my Grandson are leaving our trip in Florida to head to Red River to ski! We can't wait! Sea ya!

72 day(s) ago - Red River.

Red River +

Great day today. Blues are solid till around two. Greens slushy earlier. Small lines and friendly people.

77 day(s) ago - Red River.