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Garrett's iPhone

Not much is open right now, but they should open up a lot more after this weekend if it snows as forecasted. We skied all day, but we were bored by the end of the day. I wouldn't plan on goin for more than a day until more opens up.

5 days ago - Red River.


yaw are going way too early for RR. try mid Jan to mid feb!

8 days ago - Red River.


The season is rolling just fine in many other places. I got some bad advice, but thanks for the heads up.

14 days ago - Red River.

Scott's iPhone

Maybe you should wait until the season gets rolling

15 days ago - Red River.


This is a great place to learn how to ski... If you are intermediate or above, don't waste your time. And if you like lots of snow, you should go further north. Just wasted a trip... Should have went to Colorado.

18 days ago - Red River.

Machine Groomed 2"